Current Projects

Gene Therapy Project

Wylder Nation Foundation’s collaboration project between Maria Dolores (LOLA) Ledesma, PH.D – Center of Molecular Biology in Spain and UCSF is not only underway, the very early stages of this project have had a successful outcome.

This projects supports the idea/continuation of a gene therapy treatment as a possibly method to help children with Niemann Pick A, A/B (ASMD). This particular portion of the project explores the idea of getting previously successful systemic gene therapy methods to now be re directed to also help the neurological side of the disease.

This is a initiative is currently fully funded by Wylder Nation Foundation and began in 2015.  To help continue to fund this project and others like it please click the donate button on the right of your screen.

Wylder Nation Foundation continues to ensure that research funds are well spent, and to provide funding that is most likely to accelerate finding an effective therapy for children battling Lysosomal storage disorders.

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