The Lord is a Warrior. (Ex. 15:3)

We are made in His image and filled with His spirit.

Our Mission:

To improve the lives of children diagnosed with Lysosomal Storage Disorders by accelerating the discovery and development of treatment options.

Babies born with a Lysosomal Storage Disease each day

Identified Lysosomal Storage Diseases (LSD's)

Childern are diagnosed with an LSD

FDA approved treatment options currently exist for most LSD's

Current Projects

See the impact Wylder Nation is having on treatment for these rare diseases and hope for the families affected.  #WYLDERWARRIORSWILLWIN

Scientific Advisors

Learn about the great minds forging a path to find treatments, and care for those already diagnosed. #WYLDERWARRIORSWILLWIN

Wylder James

Diagnosed with a Lysosomal Storage Disorder called Niemann Pick Type A at seven months, we learned we had only three years to live.