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Our Projects

ASM-KO Mouse Colony

In collaboration with Jackson Lab, Wylder Nation maintains our own ASM-KO mouse colony.  This is a well established and validated mouse model representing the most severe acute or infantile neurovisceral form of ASMD (NPA).  The ASM-KO mouse is used to better understand underlying mechanisms of the disease, as well as to evaluated the potential efficacy and toxicity of new therapeutic options.  Traditionally organizations rely on the labs within academic institutions to carry out these types of studies, however the process of executing and agreeing on the particulars of the research agreement with the institution can often take months, significantly delaying the start of a project.  

Maintaining our own ASM-KO mouse colony allows us to rapidly scale up or down the colony depending on the needs of a particular research project, and does not limit our collaboration or partnering potential to a single institution, CRO, or industry partner.  This gives us the ability to deploy multiples research projects simultaneously and significantly decrease the translational timeline for new potential treatment options.